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First Day of School

August 26th - Drop off begins at 7:45 AM 

We are so excited about the new school year, and can’t wait to see all of our students on Monday morning. We have just a few reminders for you:

School hours- 8:05 AM -3:20 PM

Student drop off begins at 7:45 AM

Parents are allowed to walk their students to class on the first day only. 

If you have school supplies, please bring them with you on the first day.

We strongly recommend that you send your student home their normal way on the first day.  The sooner they get the routine down the better.

Please remember that dismissal takes a little longer the first week.  School buses often run later than normal that first week as well.

Like last year, our teachers and staff will be busy teaching procedures and cafeteria rules to our students, so we ask that there are no lunch visitors the first two weeks of school.  Also remember that we do not allow lunch drop off at anytime.  Once lunch visitation begins, you may drop lunch off directly to your student during his or her scheduled lunch time only.  We look forward to a fantastic school year!

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